How to Create an Update Billing Information Page in Infusionsoft

Follow the steps below to create your own Update Billing Information page with a Spiffy Infusionsoft order form:

  • Create a product in Infusionsoft called “Update Billing Info” for $0.00.
  • Create an order form in Infusionsoft and add the “Update Billing Info” product to the order form.
  • Create a new Spiffy order form in your Spiffy Account.
  • Name the Spiffy order form “Update Billing Information Page” and add any content to the page you would like. (Recommended: Headline and Text.
  • Under the Builder Settings (Gear icon in the left hand navigation) select the Single-Column layout.
  • Hit “Save & Exit” to save and finish creating the Spiffy order form.
  • Copy the Spiffy order form code, and paste it in the Custom HTML Header of the Infusionsoft order form.
  • Navigate to the “Snippets” section of your Spiffy app and find the snippet called, Change Order Form into An “Update Billing Information” Page. Copy the snippet and paste it into the Custom HTML Footer section of your Infusionsoft order form.
  • Save and Publish! You now have an Update Billing Information page! Easy as that!
  • NOTE: If you don’t add any side-bar content and you’d like your Update Billing Information form to be centered on the page, also copy/paste the “Center Single-Colu mn Form” snippet into the Custom HTML Footer section of the Infusionsoft order form.

Please watch the video above to learn how to turn the Infusionsoft Order Form into an Update Billing Information page, step-by-step.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we can help!

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