Spiffy Vs Samcart and ClickFunnels

Other online tools like ClickFunnels and SamCart are GREAT, but they also cause other complications that most people don't realize until they are too far dependent on the 3rd party system.

With Spiffy, it's  sill  the Infusionsoft order form and that's why so many ClickFunnels and SamCart customers are leaving there and coming to Spiffy. No one wants to process payments outside of Infusionsoft, but, until Spiffy, there wasn't a viable option. 

People had to use ClickFunnels or SamCart because the Infusionsoft order forms are so awful. Now they can just use Spiffy and it completely eliminates all the challenges of API order processing.

With Spiffy (vs. SamCart or ClickFunnels):
–All your sales data is in one system, with your CRM
–Reporting, sales, revenue, LTV is simplified
–CC's are stored in Infusionsoft
–All your billing automation works for failed payments & expiring cards
–Affiliate links and tracking work
–You can pass Promo Codes in the URL
+ Much, much more.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@gospiffy.com and we can help!

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