Why do Spiffy order forms flicker?

The page jumpiness is mainly a result of how Infusionsoft's order forms are coded. Each section of the order form is coded in A jax , and the page is constantly refreshing, therefore, Spiffy has to apply itself again and that's what creates a little flicker. 

Even using the default order form, you will see the form jumping/reloading when switching between payment options. With Spiffy, it's just a little more noticeable because the Payment Options buttons are bigger than the small radio buttons on the normal Infusionsoft order form.

So, essentially, the jumpiness is a side effect of a combination of everything that makes Spiffy simple and awesome. and how the Infusionsoft order forms are coded - but mainly how the Infusionsoft order forms are architected.

UPDATE MAY 2017:  We have made some optimizations to Spiffy core, to heavily reduce the amount of flicker and jumpiness.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@gospiffy.com and we can help!

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