How to Create a New Infusionsoft Order Form Theme

Creating a new Infusionsoft order form theme is simple, but if you already have custom code on your Infusionsoft order form, please be sure to have a backup of your custom code before you switch to a new theme on your order form.

Please watch the video above to see how to change your Infusionsoft order form theme step-by-step.

Why Do I Need To Create A  New Infusionsoft Order Form Theme?

If you have been using Infusionsoft for longer than 3 years, you may have noticed that some of your order forms look different than others. That is actually because you are using the older version of the Infusionsoft order form.  (Newer Infusionsoft customers only have the new version.)

Even if you have created a new order form recently, it is still most likely the old version of the order form because the version is set by the order form theme being used on the order form.  So, if you create a new order form, but are still using an old theme, you will still be generating the old version of the Infusionsoft order form.

A little over 3 years ago Infusionsoft updated their PayPal integration and made some other changes to how the order form works. So, although the differences are small to the eye, they do work differently. Spiffy is designed to work with both the old and new versions order forms, but works best with the new version.

Getting your order forms to use the new version of the order form is simple, all you have to do is create a new theme and edit the theme your order form is using.

IMPORTANT - Please be sure that your Infusionsoft order forms are currently using the ' One Column, Basic Grey' theme type before installing Spiffy on them.

Infusionsoft recently released a new 'Mobile Responsive' theme type, but using this will currently conflict with the way Spiffy displays. Spiffy will provide your order forms with mobile responsiveness, when installed on an Infusionsoft order form that uses the ' One Column' layout type

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

  • Create a new theme. (so you know that it’s new)
  • Under Ecommerce Setup – Under the column labeled “Design“ (first row, 2nd column) click “Order Form Themes“.
  • Click the Green Button that says “Create a New Theme“.
  • Make sure “One-Column” is selected, scroll down and under “Choose a Theme“, click the blue “Use this theme” link on the first option.
  • Name your new theme something unique like “Spiffy 2017” and click save.
  • Delete the default logo in the new Infusionsoft order form theme you just created, and leave everything else as the default settings.
  • Now we will change the theme on the actual order form settings.
IMPORTANT: Create a backup of any custom code – copy and save all Custom HTML in your order form before switching the theme.
  • Under Ecommerce Setup – Under the column labeled “Checkout”(first row, 3rd column) click “Order Forms“
  • Find the order form you are editing and click on the order form name to edit.
  • In the order form settings, the 2nd tab is labeled “Themes”. Click on the “Themes“ Tab.
  • Find the new theme we just created, “Spiffy 2017”, and click on the blue “Make Active” link for the new theme.
  • Paste back all your custom HTML into the order form.
NOTE: Switching themes on an order form, erases the custom code. That is why the 2nd bullet is IMPORTANT! :) Be sure to backup any custom code before switching themes.
And you are all set! You will now be using to the newest version of the Infusionsoft order form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we can help!

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