Can customer choose monthly or annual subscriptions on an order form?

Order forms are static, meaning the customer cannot deselect, or choose products to add/remove from the order form.

If you want to give people an option of choosing one or the other product, you would have to create two order forms, one for each product. 

You could have a page on your website that gives people the two options, with a separate button that links to each order form. Or you can just have  copy  and a CTA on the actual order form and add a link the other order form.

Here is an example of a Monthly and Annual subscription using the Spiffy builder:

You will see a green button in the sidebar links to the monthly order form.
I styled the pages differently so that you could see the change.  One says Monthly at the top, the other says Annual.
You could style them the same (use the same spiffy form) so it would appear to the user that they just swapped the subscription, when in reality it's a different order form.

This is how we have our order forms  setup  for our Monthly & Annual subscriptions too.

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