How to Forward / Redirect My Infusionsoft Order Form

If you are running a promotion and want to close down your Infusionsoft checkout page, the easiest way to do this is to simply add a redirect to your Infusionsoft order form.

When your promotion or offer has expired, add our "Expire Your Offer" snippet to your Infusionsoft order form and specify the redirect URL.
When people try to view the order form, they will be automatically redirected to the redirect URL you set.

The redirect URL can be a separate order form for the same product at full price, a downsell offer, or simply an "Expired Offer" page on your website.

Login to your Spiffy account and click this link to easily access the redirect snippet.

You will copy/paste this snippet into the Custom HTML Header section of your Infusionsoft order form, and then edit the "URLHERE" text to be the URL of your redirect page.

Note: You can also use the Countdown Timer element in the Spiffy Builder to redirect the page automatically when the countdown hits all 0's. If you don't want a countdown timer showing on the page, you can put it at the bottom of the page and change the countdown colors to all white (#ffffff).  That way it's not visible to people on the page, but will still automatically redirect when the deadline is reached.

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