My Form Fields are Locked and I Can't Update the Information

In the video above, we share some information surrounding a behavior of Infusionsoft order forms, known as the 'Lockdown' form. The lockdown form is triggered when billing info sent to your merchant account triggers an error or a decline. This triggers the Infusionsoft 'Lockdown' behavior on the form, blocking out the billing information fields, preventing you or your customer from updating the information.

Currently, the ways around this are:
1.) Clear your cache and cookies
2.) Use a different browser or incognito window
3.) Wait for the cookie to expire (can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes)

This lockdown behavior is designed to lock down the Infusionsoft order form, if a merchant account error is returned when the order is submitted. Spiffy enabled forms do not have a way around this, and will also display the locked down fields, but with an error message giving your customer a solution of clearing their browser cache and cookies, so that they can re-enter their information and submit the order.

In the video above, we will explain how this is triggered, and show an example of this behavior on a standard Infusionsoft order form, and a Spiffy enabled order form.

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