Setting Up a Two-Step Checkout Process

This video will give a very simple walk-through, on how you can set up a two-step checkout process, using an Infusionsoft web form that links to your Spiffy enabled order-form, after submission. Spiffy does not offer a two-step checkout option, but this is easily done with an Infusionsoft web form embedded on your website.

You will need to create a simple Infusionsoft web form, that you can embed on your site. This web form is designed to be step 1 of your two-step process. The web form thank-you page settings will need to be configured to re-direct to your order-form url, and the option to pass contact's data to the 'thank-you" page will need to be selected.

This will allow for you to link your customer to see your offer, and be linked to a page that contains this web form, to collect the initial information you would like to capture, such as 'First Name' and 'Email'. Then, redirected to your order-form, with this information already populated in the billing information!

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