How To Set Up An Anchor Button / Link

This tutorial video will show how to set up a button or link in your form that can anchor to a specific content block on the form, so that when it is clicked, the browser will automatically scroll to that part of the order form page. 

By default, when you add an element that has a button to a form, it is set up to anchor to the bottom of the form billing fields.

If you want to anchor to a different element that you have created in the builder, you will need to just add a small piece of code to the element's HTML editor, and configure your button or link to match the anchor tag name.

The video above covers how to access and add your anchor to the desired element, as well as configuring your button or link to direct to the anchor.

Here are the items we used in the video:
The anchor tag code, that is to be placed in a builder element's HTML editor:

<a name="anchor"></a>

The link for the button redirecting to your anchor


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