Adding a Dynamic Countdown Timer (Based on First View)

Are you wanting to create a dynamic countdown timer that starts when a customer first views the order form? We've got you covered!

Follow the steps below to setup a dynamic/relative countdown timer to your Spiffy order form. 

Here's how to set it up:

1)  Create a Spiffy order form with the Spiffy Countdown Timer element on the order form.
2)  Add this parameter, with the number of minutes specified (10), to the end of your order form URL: ?ex=now+10
3)  Make sure to use this new URL when linking to your order form within your sales page or sales emails.

Click here first: This is a normal order form (countdown timer is hidden):

Click here second: This is the URL with the dynamic parameter added at the end:

You will now see a countdown timer set to 10 minutes. 
(If you want 15 or 20 minutes, just change the 10 to either 15 or 20, etc).

This 10 minute countdown is cookie-based meaning if they refresh the page, or come back to the page later, it will be expired and automatically redirect the order form to the expired URL – if you have one set.

If you don't have an expired URL set, it will automatically hide just the countdown timer once the countdown expires.

If you are trying to test different time lengths, changing 10 to 20 for example, you will need to clear your cookies or use an incognito/private browser window.
You cannot change the time of the countdown timer with the URL once it's been viewed. This is to make it so customers can't just change the number in the URL and extend their own deadline.

It's important to note:
This solution is not completely fool proof. If a user clears their cookies, uses a different browser, or uses an incognito/private browser, the timer will reset and they will be able to access the offer again. That being said, most people are not that tech savvy, so this should work for a majority of use-cases.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We're always here to help!

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