There are numbers or characters on my form that I can't remove

This is usually due to the use of the Grammarly browser extension, when creating Spiffy forms. The Grammarly extension is quite an intrusive browser plugin that injects quite a bit of unwanted code, into your builder elements. This code can cause numbers to appear throughout your form (a 1 here, a 2 there, random placement), and can cause the forms to load as a blank page on mobile. To correct this, you will want to disable your Grammarly plug-in, and inspect all of your element code by clicking on each element in the builder, clicking it's ' < >' button to open the code editor and removing the sections of Grammarly Extension code, if they are present, publishing your form after it is all removed. Here is an example of what the unwanted Grammarly code that you will want to look for and remove:

Spiffy recommends not using the Grammarly extension on your browser, as it can cause issues with Spiffy, Infusionsoft email/landing page builders, and even issues when editing your own website.

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