How to Adjust and Delete Block Elements and Block Settings

Once you are in the builder and you have some content already dragged out to the canvas, you can click around on the blocks and you'll notice a toolbar pops up on the left or right of the screen. This toolbar gives you the ability to move blocks with the first option by simply dragging it around. 

If you want to edit the code of that specific block, you can click on this second button which will show you the code behind the element.

If you want to edit the specific settings of that block including background color, spacing on the bottom and top, or change it between full or contained width, you can click on the little cog for block specific settings.

Now, some blocks will have even more settings than this. More advanced blocks like the countdown timer and such will give you additional configuring options.

If you want to delete a specific block, all you do is click into the block and click the red trash button. This will confirm that you want to delete it. You click delete and it's gone! Now, if you accidentally delete a block, just make sure you don't hit publish. Simply refresh the page and everything should be back to normal. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we can help!

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