Introduction to Spiffy Builder

When you open an order form in the builder, you'll see that you have your canvas in the middle with a placeholder of your order form. This doesn't reflect or change based on what settings you choose. This is simply a placeholder image. This is where the order form will be and you can put your content up above and down below the form.

You'll notice up at the top, you've got your code button, your publish button, and your close button.  Closing  will close without saving your order form,  publish  will publish it live to any order form that you have your code on, and code gives you the code to actually install Spiffy.

You'll notice you got a couple buttons on the left and the title up top. This title’s an internal title for you only so you can change it to anything you'd like.

To find the settings for your order form, you'll simply go in and click the little cog which is the settings button. You've also got your design button and your elements button. The elements are where you can grab content blocks and drag and drop them into your form.

Settings Tab
Here you have access to your browser tab title which is what shows up at the top when people go to your order form. Your terms and conditions URL also  goes  here and it will show up in your footer of your order form. You can also set whether your order form is  single  or dual column. Lastly, you can upload a browser icon which is the image that shows up in the order form browser tab when someone views the form.

Branding Tab
This is where you'll tweak some of the colors of your order form. You can change the colors of links, checkmarks, and buttons. Please note, when changing the colors in this section, they will not change in the  builder,  but will show up on your live order form.

Elements Tab
Here you'll find a ton of elements that you can drag on to your order form. You'll find things like a video element, a countdown timer, images, content, headers, guarantee badges, logos, and more. To put any of these elements onto your form, all you have to do is click, hold and drag and then you can drop it right where you want it. 

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