Setting Up Your Payment Gateway

The video above will walk you through the steps required to setup your payment gateway or merchant account inside Infusionsoft.

First step is to log in and navigate to the e-commerce setup section of your Infusionsoft application. Next go under the payment section go to payment types. This is where you will come and link all of your merchant accounts and payment options.

The next step is to add a new section and set up your merchant account.

These are all the different types of merchant accounts that Infusionsoft integrates with directly and we'll choose for an example and you will actually enter the name of this account. This is what this account will show up as in Infusionsoft. Your login ID for the account, the transaction key for the account and you will want to change this to a live mode.

Depending on which merchant account you have, your transaction key will be located in a specific place within that app. A simple Google search of “ where is my transaction key” will help find that transaction key for you.

Next you will see the prompt, "Send transaction email". You can set this to yes or no. Choosing yes will send you an email you every single time that a transaction is processed.

Finally, hit save and that will setup your merchant account. 

If you would also like to have PayPal as a payment option on your order forms, you can activate this as well. Once you click activate, login into your account and it will automatically set up for you.

Your other option is to use Infusionsoft payments. Simply follow the prompts on the screen to activate this option.

Once you have your merchant accounts set up, you will want to choose a default account. There will be radio buttons where you can choose the default. 

If you have any questions about anything regarding your merchant account or how to set this up with Infusionsoft, Infusionsoft support is most likely the best bet for some help with linking up your merchant account.

If you have any questions for us as it regards to your merchant account and Spiffy, please reach out to us at and we will help the best we can. 

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