Creating a Product in Infusionsoft

The first step is to log into your Infusionsoft account and navigate to the e-commerce setup section.

Click on the products section and click to add a new product. You will name the product here. 

Hit save and this is where you'll be able to set all of your product settings. These will be the default settings for when you add the product to an Infusionsoft order form.

The first and the most important thing is to set the price point. 

Then you can add a short description to your products if you'd like, and if you're shipping a physical product, you want to make sure that shipping is set to YES on the product level. This will activate the shipping settings that you have set up under the e-commerce section of your Infusionsoft app. 

If you have a subscription, you want to add that under the subscription plans section and set up however long that subscription is. Set the number of cycles and the price.

Next, you can add product images, product options, and links to the product.

Sometimes, people mistake these as being the links to the actual order form for the product, and some people mistake these as the link that you send out to the customer. This is not the link that you want to send to the customer. You will actually want to create a Infusionsoft order form, add this product to that order form and send a customer the link to the order form. These links are just for you internally.

And that's it! You have now created a product in Infusionsoft.

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