Adding Custom Fields to Your Order Form (Advanced)

Watch the tutorial video above to learn how to add a custom field, drop down menu, and radio button to your Infusionsoft order form. These customizations to your Infusionsoft order form are a bit more technical, but we'll make it as easy as possible for you to follow along. If you're working with a developer, send them a link to this page and they'll be able to fix you up in no time!

Use one or all of the snippets below to add a custom text field, a custom text area, a  custom  drop  down  list ,  or a custom radio button selection to your Infusionsoft order form. Remember you are going to have to edit the code in order for the custom fields to work correctly so be sure to carefully follow the instructions in the video.

Here we go...

Quick Overview

There are two parts to this code, the  Initiation Code, and the Custom Field Type code.
Be sure to use both parts of the code in your order form.

Visit our snippets library to find this code: _Fields

First, you will want to copy and paste the code initiation code into the Custom HTML Footer section of your Infusionsoft order form. 

Then, decide what kind of custom field you want on your order form and find the code for that custom field type. Options: Text Field, Text Area, Drop Down List, or Radio Buttons. You will also copy/paste this code into your Infusionsoft order form Custom HTML Footer.

We do also offer custom development and order form creation services as well, so we can assist you with your custom coding or order form build out needs if this is more technical than you wish to spend your time figuring out. 

If you'd like further support, send us an email at

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