Quantity Selector Isn't Showing

The tutorial video above shows you how to enable quantity selection on your order forms. 
By default, Spiffy disables this option as through our extensive research over hundreds of thousands of order form views and tests, is that having quantity selection on your order form actually reduces your conversion rate when it's not necessary. For example, things like a course or an eBook, where people typically don't buy more than one, having a quantity option will actually reduce your conversion rate.
However, in some cases, it does make sense to enable quantity selection. For example, things like tickets, t-shirts, etc. For these situations, you can easily enable quantity selection, from right inside your Spiffy template builder settings tab! Just enter your Spiffy template, click on the 'Settings' gear icon in the bar located in the left side of the builder and scroll down in the settings to reveal the 'Quantity Input' toggle. Just toggle this on, and republish your form!
If you are still not seeing the quantity input option on your form after enabling this in your Spiffy template builder, you will want to ensure that quantity settings are not disabled within your Infusionsoft order form setup.

If you have any questions, contact us at  support@gospiffy.com.

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