Can You Show An Non-Required Company Field?

There are two ways to add a "Company Name" field to your Spiffy/Infusionsoft order form. By default, we hide the Company Name from the Infusionsoft form because most people don't need, or want to collect this information, but for those of you that do need to collect this, we have two options:

  • Required Company Field
  • Non-Required Company Field

REQUIRED Company Field

You can change your Infusionsoft settings to make the company field  required, and Spiffy will show that field automatically, or you can add the code snippet below to show a non-required Company field.

To make the company field required, you will have to go to your Shopping Cart Settings and check the box that says "The Company Field is Required".

Ecommerce >> Ecommerce Setup >> Shopping Cart Settings

NON-REQUIRED Company Field

If you want to show a non-required company field, you can use the code snippet in the link below:

^^^ Copy and paste the code from the Snippets Page (linked above) into the Custom HTML Footer of the Infusionsoft order form, and you should be all set.

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