Installing Spiffy onto Your Infusionsoft Order Forms

To install Spiffy on your Infusionsoft order forms, you first need to log into your Spiffy account.

Next, find the Spiffy order form that you've already created, and the code button. It will pop up the Spiffy base code for that form. 

Copy this code. 

Your next step is to log into your Infusionsoft account. Click on E-commerce setup, then click on order forms. You should now see the entire list of order forms that you've already created.

Navigate over to the order form you want to optimize with Spiffy and click on that order form. 

Once there, click on the HTML areas section. You want to paste the Spiffy code you copied into the custom header HTML box. 

Hit save and now, Spiffy is installed.

To double check, click on links section and view your order form URL. It should show the new look with the Spiffy layout on it. 

That's it! Copy the Spiffy code and paste it into your order form in Infusionsoft. 

Installing Spiffy on Infusionsoft order form just takes a matter of seconds. It's very, very simple. If you have any questions, reach out to us at

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