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Hey there and welcome to your Spiffy account!

Congrats for jumping on-board with spiffy. We're super excited to have you.
My name is Michael Hunter, co-founder of Spiffy this note and accompanying video will show you how to get started with your Spiffy account fast. 

Follow the steps below the video to get your account up and running!

1) First step is to watch the video above! Already watched? Great, onto step 2... 

2) Second step is to log into your Spiffy account. You will see a welcome page with steps very similar to these here and step two has you copying the code that is given. If you have already navigated away from this welcome screen, no worries. Simply go to your Spiffy Dashboard and in the Default Order Form that we have created for you, click "Code" and copy it. 

3) Step three takes us over to Infusionsoft, so if you are on that welcome page, make sure you're already logged in to your Infusionsoft account. Then you can click the link. 

If you bypassed the welcome screen, just log into your Infusionsoft account and navigate over to your Eccomerce Section and pull up your order forms. 

Find the order form that you wish to update and open it. Next, navigate to the HTML areas section and paste your Spiffy code into the custom HTML header section and hit Save. Then navigate over to the links tab. Click on the order form URL link and that will pop up the live Infusionsoft order form which you've now installed Spiffy on.

Boom! Spiffy is installed! YAY!

But wait there's more :)

Now you can go back to your Spiffy account. If you're still on the welcome screen, you can click the "I've installed it" link and that will take you to your Spiffy Dashboard.

If you click on the Default Order Form, it will pull it up inside our builder. This is the Spiffy order form that you just installed on your Infusionsoft order form.

You can now change the name and you use our drag-and-drop builder to build out the custom content around your order form. 

The great thing about Spiffy is that now that that code is installed on your Infusionsoft order form, there's no more copying and pasting code back and forth. Anything, that you add to the builder, as soon as you hit publish, that's going to go live on the order form. 

If you have any questions, we're always here to help you reach out to us at So, just send us an email at and I'll be sure to respond to you as quickly as possible. Thanks so much again for joining the Spiffy family. We're super excited to have you. I'm here to support you at making your order form mobile optimized, conversion optimized, ultimately generating more sales for your business. We're here to help.

IMPORTANT - Please be sure that your Infusionsoft order forms are currently using the ' One Column, Basic Grey' theme type before installing Spiffy on them. For more info on creating a new order form theme in Infusionsoft, Click Here

Infusionsoft recently released a new 'Mobile Responsive' theme type, but using this will currently conflict with the way Spiffy displays. Spiffy will provide your order forms with mobile responsiveness, when installed on order forms using the 'One Column' layout type.

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