Introduction to Infusionsoft Order Forms, Themes, and Products

1) Add a Product to Infusionsoft and onto Order Form

Navigate to your Ecommerce Setup section inside Infusionsoft and click on products. Click on the green button to add product. 

Set your price and add any descriptions you want. If you're shipping a physical product, you will fill out the shipping information here.

Now, go back to the e-commerce setup page and click on order forms. Create a new order form and name it, then add in your new product. 

This will pull in the name of that product, the price point of that product and the label. This is going to be the public-facing name of that product. So, whatever you named your product, it's going to pull into this section as the default. 

If I wanted to call it something else, you can change the name by adjusting the label and it will override the name of this product on the actual order form that customers will see. Internally, it will still be referenced as the original name you created with the product. 

Hit Save and go over to the link section. Click on the links and you'll see the base Infusionsoft order form with that product at that price point ready to rock! Please note, your new order form will not automatically have Spiffy on it. You will have to add Spiffy to the form as a separate step.

2) Creating Order Form Themes

If you've had an Infusionsoft account for quite some time, about four years ago, Infusionsoft updated their order forms. This means there are actually two different versions of the Infusionsoft order form. The confusing part is that the version of the order form is based on the order form theme. If you have an older Infusionsoft account, you will want to create a new order form theme before you install Spiffy onto your forms.

Click to create a new theme and select any of the template options. Name it and hit save. Now you will want to delete the logo but leave all of the custom CSS and everything else as is. 

Spiffy is designed to work with this code. So, don't remove any of the CSS code on the theme level. Don't edit it. Don't even touch it. It's all good to go :)

One cool thing that you can do, if a lot of your order forms are going look the same, you can actually drop the Spiffy code, right here in the theme level and it'll automatically apply to all the order forms using this theme. That way you won't have to keep copying and pasting the Spiffy form code onto every single new order form. 

Now you will want to set this new theme as your default by clicking Use this Theme. If you have the Spiffy code included in the theme, all new order forms you create will have the Spiffy code automatically in it. Please note, this really only works if you have a very basic Spiffy order form that doesn't have a lot of extra content specific to the product sold on that order form. 

Otherwise, you will still want to add the Spiffy code to each individual order form. You can find your Spiffy code within your Spiffy account for each order form you create. Simply, copy and paste the code into the chosen Infusionsoft order form's custom HTML Header, and you're done!

That's all for the overview of the e-commerce section of Infusionsoft. 

If you have any questions about this please reach out to us via email at We also have a lot of awesome resources, tips, tools, training at Thanks so much for choosing Spiffy and we look forward to helping you make more sales and increase your conversions through conversion optimized and mobile-optimized order forms. Have a great day!

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